July 25, 2021

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5 Batsman with Most Sixes in IPL History

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5 Batsman with Most Sixes in IPL History

IPL is the only league that demands power hitters in every match because when the team has power hitters they can turn the whole match by its innings and times we have seen that the one batsman has the capacity to turn the whole match.

Also, many times batsman plays big innings that make the match one-sided.

The best thing in the IPL that, every player performs very best for proving themselves and making their own records.

Today in this article we are coving the top 5 batsmen who hit the most sixes in the IPL history.

Also, some of them have proved that they are some of the best batsmen in IPL history.

Records tell everything and its match performance also many players have unbroken records that like not possible to create by any other batsman.

List of 5 Batsman who hit the Most Sixes in IPL History

1. Chris Gayle – The universal boss considered one of the most ruinous players in IPL history. Chris Gayle has recorded many records in the IPL also holds the first position in the list of most sixes in the IPL match. In the 131 innings, Gayle hit a total of 349 sixes.

2. AB de Villiers – Mr. 360 also one of the most destructive players in the all cricket format. De Villiers has the ability to hit long shots in tough situations. AB de Villiers types of batsman badly hit the bowlers. In the list of most sixes in the IPL AB de Villiers holds the second position, he hit 235 sixes in the 156 innings.

3. MS Dhoni – The “Captain Cool” Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes in the 3rd number in the list of most sixes in the IPL history. Dhoni always plays in the 5 to 6 position but it still holds the 3rd position in this list. MS Dhoni smashed a total of 216 sixes in the 182 innings.

4. Rohit Sharma – The Mumbai Indians team captain Rohit holds the 4th position in the list of most sixes in the IPL history. With the captaincy of the Rohit Mumbai Indians, holds the 4 trophies and MI is the only team who has most of the winning trophies. Rohit participated total in the 195 innings and he hit a total of 213 sixes.

5. Virat Kohli – Kohli is one of the best cricketers in the world, and he is currently ranked fifth in the IPL for most sixes. The Run Machine requires no explanation; he is the best player in the world because of his exceptional skills and batting style. Kohli participated in the 192 matches in which he played innings in 184 matches in this he hit 201 sixes.


In the IPL you have seen many best batsman and their performance as well, but only a few of them comes in the top list.

The above list we have covered of top batsmen who hit the most sixes in the IPL history, all has their unique individuality and batting style that makes them one of the top players.

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